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It's KD Man, Don't Sleep.

Some rappers have the luxury of a strong platform. They can get that platform as a result of past family successes, as in the case of Sean Combs' son Christian (King Combs), or being found early in their career, or being discovered and getting a deal quickly like Lil' Yachty did recently. However, others have to start from the ground up. Kameron Douglass, who goes by KD when he's on a track, is an artist from the Bay Area who's gained a following recently due to his clever bars and superior rhyme schemes. I recently got in touch with him and had an interview, here's how it went:

ML3: Was there any artist that inspired you to start making music, or was this something that you’ve always wanted to do?

KD: J. Cole was an inspiration and a motivation for me to get serious about my craft. Although, in my earlier years, I always thought music would be something I could get heavily involved with.

ML3: What’s your style of hip-hop, the message that you’re trying to put out in your music?

KD: I guess to put my style into words, it would be more on the conscious side if things. I want to convey a real message to the listeners. You will never hear me rapping as if I've lived something that I haven't.

ML3: Who’s your favorite artist in the game right now?

KD: J. Cole, easily. His ability to relate to the fans and also pour out his soul into his music is what does it for me. A passion for the craft will always win me over.

ML3: Who are your personal favorite rappers?

KD: My personal favorites are André 3000, Tupac, Biggie, Nas, J. Cole, and Hov (Jay-Z).

ML3: Is there anyone that you model yourself after, or do you see yourself as different from everyone else in the game?

KD: As an artist, I don't look to model myself as or duplicate anybody in the game. I would like to think I have my own unique style and sound, but I get a lot of J. Cole comparisons.

ML3: Are there any R&B artists that you hope to collaborate with when you do make it big in the industry?

KD: God willing, I would love to do something with SZA, Ari Lennox, Alicia Keys, and Anderson .Paak, just to name a few I can think of off of the top of my head.

ML3: Who are your favorite fellow local artists?

KD: Much love to John Mackk, Don Spon, Mutual Feeling, and anyone that I left out, but nothing but love to any artists out there chasing the dream in general.

ML3: Do you write your content or do you memorize your material before you go to the studio?

KD: I generally write down my content then remember it, unless I'm eager to record, then I will write it down and just read it as I'm recording. There's not much to say before I hit the studio, just know I take it more serious than anything.

ML3: Where do you see yourself musically in 5 years?

KD: God willing, I will be in a much better position than my current one and still be able to put out lots of music for my fans and anyone who supports. I hope to be discovered, but if God has other plans, I am willing to wait.

ML3: Do you want to sign to a big label, like Roc Nation or Bad Boy for example, or do you want to stay independent like a Joey Bada$$ or Chance The Rapper?

KD: I would love to be signed to Dreamville, nothing against other labels or groups, but that's been a dream of mine since I started taking music seriously.

ML3: What do you think is the most clever bar so far in your career?

KD: Honestly, I have a lot of them, and I mean that in the least cocky way possible. My most recent "over their head" bar was, "Never aiming to be average like LA niggas in blue caps" most didn't catch it.

ML3: What is hip-hop to you?

KD: To me, hip-hop is raw emotion in its purest form.

ML3: When are you dropping your mixtape?

KD: I aim to have my debut mixtape done and released by late June or early July 2017.

Here's an example of KD's talent:

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